Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

Life is full of problems to be solved. Little problems like what to eat for dinner. Big problems like family or work conflict. Sometimes, particularly these big problems, they consume us. We begin to lose sleep. We can’t think of anything else.

Do you have a situation, a problem that you can’t stop thinking about?

Philippians 4:6 is a great reminder to Christians that we have an Almighty God who knows all things and has history in His hands. A God who we can pray to and who loves and cares for His people.

But it’s also a reminder of something else.
Even as we bring our prayers and petitions. Before we receive any answer to our prayers. We can be thankful.

You see the danger is that our fixation on the problem, stops us from seeing the true situation. No matter how bad, if we have Christ, then we have everything. We have God. We have life in Him. We have salvation and hope. We have eternal life to look forward to.

When life is stressful or a situation is causing you anxiety, it’s hard to think about anything else. But today, be encouraged to look upwards instead of inwards and give thanks for everything you have in Jesus.

For Today:
  • Do you trust that God has everything under His control?
  • Do you struggle to keep problems in perspective?
  • Write a list of things to give thanks for today.
Pray: Praise the Father for all His merciful blessings. Give thanks for Christ through whom we receive peace and mercy from God. Ask God for His Holy Spirit to help you and others give thanks in all circumstances.

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