But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ

Philippians 3:20

In many countries of the world, Australia has an embassy. A place within a place. For those who work there, they live a dual existence. They are Australians, working for Australia but living in a foreign nation.

Outside the walls, embassy workers must abide by local customs and cultures. They may speak its language and use its currency. But inside the walls, things are different.

Village Church is like an embassy. It looks like a basketball court. But actually, in the afternoon on a Sunday, it becomes an outpost of the Kingdom of God. Where we speak and learn the language of the Kingdom (the Scriptures). Where we practise the culture of the Kingdom, sacrificial love, other person service, patience, kindness etc. Where we get equipped to go back outside the walls.

When we leave. We go out as ambassadors. We may have to speak a little differently and accept things that would be unacceptable in the Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean we change.
Instead, we go out. Strong in the conviction of a culture worth sharing and spreading. Strong in the conviction of a message worth proclaiming. Strong in the conviction that God is growing His Kingdom through people like us.

For Today:
  • How do you see the church?
  • How could you practise the culture of the Kingdom at church?
  • How could you grow the Kingdom of God this week?
Pray: Praise the Father that He is growing the Kingdom for His Son. Give thanks for Jesus Christ who led the way in spreading the message and the culture of the Kingdom. Ask God for His Holy Spirit to help you and others live out that culture and spread it in our community.
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