This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham

Matthew 1:1

If you were with us on Christmas day, you’d remember that Christ isn’t Jesus’ surname (or second name?? I never know). No, Christ is a title, it’s a Greek translation of the Hebrews word, Messiah. Which means, ‘anointed one’ or ‘God’s chosen one’ or ‘God’s Prophet/Priest/Saviour/King’.

That’s what Messiah can mean. But what does Matthew mean when he says that Jesus is Messiah? Douglas O'Donnell gives an interesting and compelling answer to this question in his commentary on Matthew’s gospel. He says the answer is actually at the end of Matthew.

In Matthew 28, after His death and resurrection, Jesus appears to the disciples and He gives the so-called great commission made up of four ‘all’s’. All authority, over all nations/peoples, in all things, always.

It’s a powerful and concise answer to what it means for each of us that Jesus is the Messiah. Let’s explore each of these aspects more on Saturday. But for now, see this. 

We are about to begin a journey. Maybe one you have walked before. But also a journey that is different every time. It’s to explore, to see, to be reminded and confronted again by who Jesus is and what it means for us, for our neighbour, for our Church and for our world that He is Messiah. Looking forward to doing it with you.

For Today:
  • Have you ever read Matthew’s gospel?
  • How are you feeling about looking at Matthew’s gospel? Why?
  • What does it mean for you today that Jesus is Messiah?

  • Praise the Father for sending Jesus to be our Prophet, Priest & King.
  • Give thanks for Jesus who came to rescue His people from their sins and sufferings.
  • Ask God for His Holy Spirit to help you to grow a desire for knowing Jesus more.
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