This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham

Matthew 1:1

What does it mean that Jesus is the ‘Messiah’? We saw and (I atleast) embraced O’Donnell’s argument that the answer is found at the end of Matthew’s gospel.

In Matthew 28, after His death and resurrection, Jesus appears to the disciples and He gives the so-called great commission made up of four ‘all’s’. All authority, over all nations/peoples, in all things, always.

So, let’s consider these things in turn.

All Authority
Jesus isn’t a President, Prime Minister or Supreme Court Judge whose rule is limited to certain spheres. A President cannot walk into a court of law and declare the accused guilty. Neither can a judge pass a law. This separation of power is to limit the power of sinful humans. But Jesus has no need of limitations and so He has all total authority.

All Peoples
Jesus is not simply the Jewish Messiah. He is the King of all people. Whether they have heard of Him or not. Whether they recognise Him or not. But so also is He the Priest (and Prophet) for all people. His salvation is open to everyone. The gospel gives no space for racism or rebellion.

All Things
Jesus is King over all parts of our lives. Though we might prefer to allow Him rule over some aspects of our lives and not others, Jesus has the right to expect obedience in all things. As His faithful subjects we follow His good law and trust that they are good.

Jesus isn’t just Messiah for now. He will reign for eternity. Only one day, there will be no more rebellion. Only joyful citizens who will enjoy knowing their Lord and living for Him forever.

For Today:
  • Is Jesus your Messiah?
  • How well do you know Jesus’ laws? How could you know them better?
  • What is one area of your life you need to allow Jesus’ to rule over.

  • Praise the Father for giving all authority to the good Son.
  • Give thanks that Jesus is the good King who rules in compassion, wisdom and kindness.
  • Ask God for His Holy Spirit to help you and others submit to Christ’s rule in all aspects of your life.
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