Theology Thursday

Q.7. What are the decrees of God?

A. The decrees of God are, his eternal purpose, according to the counsel of his will, whereby, for his own glory, he hath foreordained whatsoever comes to pass.

Westminster Shorter Catechism

Why? Why does our earth exist? Why humans and their seeming uniqueness in our world? Why does gravity keep the planets spinning? Why do some live and some die? Why do empires rise and some fall? Days go by in what feels like a chaotic and random world and yet there appears a deep sense of order. Like the nautilus shell mirroring the shape of galaxies - what are we to make of this order?

Well, the Scriptures tell us. Behind not just creation, but history, there is an agent. The Almighty God. Who has created all things. Who began history with a telos, an end, firmly in view. Like a builder executing His plan for a family home - He has an eternal purpose for all things. An ultimate outcome - the displaying of His glory which is His love, goodness, justice and mercy.

Across history. Christians have taken comfort in this knowledge because unlike some malevolent politician, dictator or techboss, God has shown Himself to be good. His ultimate end is good.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble along the way. Just as trees must be felled, wood sawed, bricks moulded, screws and nails inserted and foundations excavated, so does God’s plan come with pain. But with the pain does come progress. Even though we may not always see it.

One day, we will get to watch the whole time-lapse. Maybe not as God but certainly with a greater God-eye view. And then we will certainly exult in how glorious a builder He is. Particularly, in the cornerstone of Jesus Christ. But until then, let us trust as we get to be a part of His sovereign plan and play our part, be it only as a part of the plaster or the smallest grain of mortar.

  • Do you trust that God is in control?
  • Do you trust that God is good? How do we know?
  • Praise God for His sovereign plan and rejoice that you get to be a part of it.

  • Praise the Father for His sovereignty and goodness. 
  • Give thanks for the Son who is the cornerstone of God’s great building. 
  • Ask God for His Holy Spirit to help you and others give Him the praise He deserves.

Passages: Psalm 33:11, Isaiah 14:24, Acts 2:23, Ephesians 1:11-12

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