Living Grounded: Greater rewards for suffering? JW's/Mormon's & Jesus? Is Jesus like us or different

Mar 13, 2024


1. You said on Sunday that those who have suffered more will be more glorifying to God, but what comfort is there if we all go to heaven anyway?

2. There seem to be a bunch of parallel religions that 'believe' in Jesus (JW's, Mormonism, Catholicism) What’s the big deal if they still truly believe that they are trusting in Jesus for salvation?

3. What is God-like about Jesus if, in Him being fully-human, he loses His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence? What about Jesus makes Him more than a man who's empowered by the Holy Spirit to an unprecedented degree?

4. On Sunday you talked about Satan playing a role in our suffering + mentioned Job as a good example of this. Is there always a Spiritual/demonic component to illness - mental or physical?